Character design, the process of creating characters and their characteristics, is something that is crucial to the animation process and creating successful, well rounded, and developed characters. Through this ISP I hope to develop a set of characters through lessons I learn from various sources including the observation of some of my favorite shows and artist as well as dabble and experiment in animation.



Here are some busts of the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma within their current state. These three characters are a trio of anti heroes within a very undefined futuristic world and all share mischievous as well as slightly obnoxious natures. Although they eventually with have clothes and looks that reflect their futuristic setting, right now I am focusing on developing their looks as if in present day to better understand their aesthetics.

Inspiration :

alpha inspo

gamma inspo

beta inspo

Future Post Possibilities – Learn Lessons from…

  • Steven Universe
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Adventure Time
  • Goriallz
  • Avatar
  • Hayao Miyazaki
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Full Metal Alchemist

Future Post Possibilities – Develop Characters through…

  • Character Development Questionnaire
  • Clothing Collages
  • Character Reference Sheets
  • Color Palettes

Things to explore in Animation

  • Rotoscoping
  • Short animations
  • Walk Cycle
  • “Flour Sack” Animation