Attempting to Animate: A Walk Cycle

For this update I decided to attempt a walk cycle, a classic exercise used to learn animation. I was very intimidated by the thought of  animating, but I found that it took less frames than I thought to make a decent animation (albeit not very smooth).  This walk cycle was actually pretty fast to create which makes sense as it was only 8 frames and directly from a reference which makes me excited to make smoother, more complicated ones in the future!

For this walk cycle, rather than use one of my characters I decided to make a new simpler character that would fit the attitude of my reference. In the reference below the energetic walk strikes me as either a spirited walk or a focused march. I decided to take it as a march and made a purple koala robot to march to a Russian march,  Polyushka Polye (Meadowlands). By using my koala robot, I also simplified the walk cycle since they did not have clothes for me to animate.


Walk Cycle Tutorial

Within this reference, you can see that the walk cycle is broken into 4 stages, which are repeated once because the legs and arms switch from back to front.

Contact – Both feet are on the ground

Recoil – The legs bend and the body is in its lowest position

Passing – The back leg passes to the front

High Point – The body is in its highest position, one leg is stretched while the other is off the ground

I relied heavily on the above reference to make my first walk cycle, copying the poses directly with my koala character making 8 frames which I looped to create 16 seconds of footage to match a passage from the March.

I uploaded my walk cycle on YouTube which, unfortunately, gets blocked by the school so I had to use this sketchy website to get past the block

Walk Cycle – Normal

Walk Cycle – Unblocked

My next goal is to animate walk cycles of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma after I make turn around and expression sheets for them. These walk cycles will not be directly based on the reference  but will hopefully reflect the personality of each of the characters.