Character Design Progress: Defining the personalty traits

In this post I will be exploring the personality traits of my three characters by explaining their role in the group, by identifying their key personality traits, and by identifying their Myers Briggs personality profile.

First, I am going to give a little backstory to their world and story. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are all students a part of upper middle class society in a 100-200 years in the future.  At this time the population of Earth has expanded out into space with people living in large cruiser-like spaceships (think WALL-E) that orbit around the Earth and artificially created rings that surround the Earth like Saturn. The spaceships provide a variety of living accommodations from upper class luxury cruisers to more affordable housing. The majority of the artificial rings are large greenhouses where the majority of Earth’s food is produced very effectively because of the extreme control of the weather. The ring closest to Earth, however, is a giant party city, similar to Los Vegas. On Earth, cities and suburbs have expanded to huge sizes so that, for example, the city of New York would take up all of New England, while the cities that it annexed remain as districts of the giant city. Many people also live underground in slum cities with low costs and low standards of living.

Although I am not quite sure where my characters live within this world yet they are well off, not quite aware of their privilege but also resentful of social pressure they face in what they will do with their life and the intense competition found within their level of society. Alpha, disillusioned with the construction of his life, decides to go on an adventure of discovery.


(Sorry didn’t have time to make a new, updated picture!Just wanted to remind you guys what they look like)

Alpha – Matthew

Age: 14

Role in group: Alpha is the leader and dreamer within the group, creating long term plans and motivating the group within there journey

Personality Traits: outgoing, charismatic, good at reading people, idealist, manipulative

Myers Briggs: ENTJ – the commander (but with better handling with emotions)

Beta – Quan 

Age: 14

Role in group: Beta is rather withdrawn and usually does not involve herself with the planning of their adventures. However, in the field, Beta is essential with high levels of intuition and large amounts of body coordination. She agrees with Alpha’s disillusionment of their role in society and is always searching for a bigger picture

Personality Traits: withdrawn, intuitive, suspicious, idealistic, loyal, caring for close ones

Myers Briggs: INFP – the mediator

Gamma – Hasina 

Age: 16

Role in group: Gamma is older than the other two and and only knows the other two through Alpha’s sister. Not really interested in their cause, Gamma was only asked to come because she has her pilot’s licenses and only agreed because of her intellectual curiosity

Personality Traits: book smart, forceful in her opinions, focused, detail – oriented, insensitive, arrogant

Myers Briggs: INTJ – The Architect